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Awaken Truth Ministry of AIWP
(Association for the Integration of the Whole Person) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry established to assist in personal and collective awakening. Awaken Truth Ministry (ATM) is the spiritual ministry of visionary artist Daniel B. Holeman.

ATM supports the global awakening process through sharing audio, visual and written media about spiritual awakening and living in alignment with that awareness (Unity Consciousness).

To support Awakening, we provide:
• Inspirational Artwork
• Writings
• Audio Recordings
• Videos
• Presentations/Talks
• Ceremonies
• Events
• Workshops
• One-on-One Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is the profound experiential realizing of one's true nature, waking up from the illusory trance of apparent separation (taking oneself to be separate from the Source of all Life, All-That-Is) and egoic identification, which most people are in to dangerously strong degrees.

Enlightenment generally means the stabilized living from that awareness. Enlightenment is not some state that is achieved -it is simply the realization of one's natural state. It is the field of consciousness that all experience and manifestation happens in, one's very true nature, which has always been here - the SOURCE of all, the ONENESS (though that term hardly describes it). It is hard to describe as it is That which is PRIOR to BEING - the consciousness that always is (and has always been) the source of all being, all experience, and all manifestation.

True Spiritual Awakening cannot adequately be described with words, nor brought about through words or thinking. However, it can be pointed to, and that is one of the functions of Awaken Truth Ministry - pointing people inward to the places where true Divinity is found.

Daniel's artwork is meant to inspire people to this conversation and process of Awakening.

Truth, self-discovery, and Self realization are what is needed to solve humanity's problems
and bring about a better Dream in this world.