Review of

Pathwork Lectures

by The Guide via Eva Pierrakos

A comprehensive body of information about the human spiritual growth process is the Pathwork Lectures by Eva Pierrakos (now deceased). Channeled material from the late 50's to the late 70's, much of which contains out-dated language and flavored with a biblical persuasion. Most the useful info is found in other materials. The organization that is currently holding the materials is not recommended - I have found them to be unfriendly and hoarding the info. I argued with them for years to make the material free to the public on the internet and finally they did. Now they want to control it like Apple controlling it's patents; as if a commercial enterprise, and not friendly about it. Although it contains a lot of valuable insights in human nature and ego, it is not an enlightenment teaching and somewhat outdated.

Presently I am giving full endorsement and highest Recommendation to a book called the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. I will be sharing more on this soon. For now, check it out and also the Golden Path (same site) which provides key insights and info on your individual Gene Keys. This is the most insightful book I have ever read.

I also endorse and suggest Eckhart Tolle materials for overall clarity and more updated information.